VPN for Windows

These instructions apply when using a TRIUMF laptop or PC off-site, as well as any person using an off-site personal computer running Windows.

Installation instructions:

    • Download
    • Install
      • Double click the install file. By default it's in your Downloads folder.
      • Follow on-screen instructions
    • Configure
      • Launch the Ivanti Secure Access Client
      • Add a connection Profile using the following settings:
        - Type: UAC or SSL-VPM
        - Name: TRIUMF
        - Server URL:

For a visual demonstration of the installation process, you can watch the following video recorded by Phil Jones running on a MacOS.

Testing instructions:

Go to with any web browser.
If you receive the following message, then the VPN connection is not set.
       "WARNING: This method of off-site access is depecated. User the VPN portal..."

A successful connection to the TRIUMF VPN will show the home page for Xerox Docushare.