Limitations of TRIUMF VPN

  • Windows file-sharing through the VPN is blocked, except to the TRWIN and Admin (AS400) file-shares.
  • Printing to site printers is blocked when connecting through VPN. An alternate option is to connect to a computer on site with Remote Desktop and print through it.
  • The TRIUMF VPN service only affects connections to TRIUMF, UBC and UVic.  Connections you make to anywhere else do not go via the VPN.  In particular, the TRIUMF VPN cannot be used to view e-journals. However, TRIUMF staff can use the UBC-Library EZProxy for off-site access to e-journals.
  • The TRIUMF VPN service is not a single sign-on mechanism.  If a web-site would require you to login when at TRIUMF, then you will still be required to login when using the VPN.