Installing the VPN software

You will need to be a member of VPN-Users group on TRWIN Domain and use your TRIUMF TRIDENT ID also known as TRWIN DOMAIN credential to connect. For any inquiries about VPN-Users group and TRIDENT ID please use TRWIN and PC Support queue on helpdesk.

To use the TRIUMF VPN, you need to install and configure Pulse Secure client on your computer.  To install Pulse Secure client please select an appropiate link below for the operating system on your device.

Pulse Secure for 32bit Windows

Pulse Secure for 64bit Windows

Pulse Secure for MacOS-X

Mobile Devices:   Android    Apple iOS    Windows Phone

Linux:   Using OpenConnect

Configuration of Pulse Secure

Start Pulse Secure and create a profile with the following settings.

Type: UAC or SSL-VPN


Server URL:

Testing your VPN Connection

A good way to test that the VPN connection is working, is to open the main TRIUMF web-site and check that you see the internal announcements while not logged in.

Some Mac OS users may see the following warning: "You are about to authenticate to an untrusted server...". If this happens to you please click and open the VPN SSL Certificate with keychain Access, or Save File on your mac and double click on it so it can be added to the keychain access on your Mac.

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