Install Ivanti Secure Access Client (ps-pulse-mac) Software on MacOS

    • Download the Ivanti Secure Aceess Client Software.
    • Install
      • Double click the install file ps-pulse-mac-xxx-version-xxx-installer.dmg. By default in your Downloads folder.
      • Follow on-screen instructions
    • Configure
      • Launch the Ivanti Client
      • Add a connection Profile using the following settings
        Type            :  UAC or SSL-VPM
        Name          :  TRIUMF
        Server URL :

Start the VPN

  1. Type ⌘+<Spacebar>; Start typing Pulse Secure" ; press <Return> key
  2. Press the <Connect]>
  3. Enter your TRIDENT credentials
  4. After a few seconds if the connection was estanlished successfully it should look like
    Pulse VPn Successful.jpg

Testing your VPN Connection

     There are a couple ways to test that the VPN has been established and is functioning correctly.

    1. Your VPN is active if you can get to 
    2. Your VPN is active if the Docushare web page loads without asking for a password
    3. From the MacOS terminal type; traceroute , the first line should be
      $ traceroute
      traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
       1 (  15.285 ms  18.778 ms  23.685 ms
       2 (  14.044 ms  15.251 ms  15.959 ms
       3 (  15.737 ms !Z  24.767 ms !Z  29.850 ms !Z

What do I do now? What resources can I access?

A description of which TRIUMF computing resources require the VPN  is available here.

How can I connect to my MacOS Desktop at TRIUMF

In many cases you may not need to use the TRIUMF VPN to connect to your TRIUMF MacOS Desktop from home. Use the MacOS built-in application "Screen Sharing".  You will need  to allow "Sharing" in the System Preferences on your Mac Desktop at TRIUMF first. When you launch the Screen Sharing client from your MacOS at home, you will need to provide the hostname or IP Address of your TRIUMF MacOS Desktop