Use-cases of TRIUMF VPN

  • Connecting to the TRWIN file shares
    The TRWIN files-shares can be reached through a VPNconnection.   You care create drive-mapping or just use the storage references.
  • Remote-desktop connections to Windows PCs
    The Windows Remote-Desktop protocol (RDP) is blocked at the perimeter firewall.  When a TRIUMF VPN connection is open, you can make a secure encrypted connection directly to your Windows PC as though you were on-site.
  • SSH to Linux machines that only allow connections from on-site
    Some groups configure their Linux machines to allow ssh connections only from on-site.    A VPN connection allows you to ssh directly.   This avoids the insecure method of ssh hopping through another shared Linux machine.
  • Remote access to the SolidWorks Vault
    Access to the SolidWorks drawing-vault of the Design Office is restricted to on-site.  The TRIUMF VPN allows connections to the vault as though you were using a PC at TRIUMF.
  • Viewing internal-only web-sites
    A VPN connection allows you to open web-pages that only allow connections originating from TRIUMF.
  • Using MATLAB off-site
    A VPN connection will alow you access the MATLAB license-server so that you can use MATLAB from off-site.
  •  Connecting to the UBC Management-Services Portal
    The UBC management-services portal only allows connections from UBC sites; including TRIUMF.  The TRIUMF VPN service makes connections to UBC appear to originate from TRIUMF, thus allowing TRIUMF employees to view pay-stubs and T4 slips from off-site.