Off-Site Access

Internal web-sites

Some TRIUMF web-sites restrict content based on whether connections originate from on or off-site.  For example, internal announcements on the main web-site are only shown when the connection originates from TRIUMF.  Most such web-sites allow you to access the restricted content by logging in with your TRIUMF Identity credentials.

TRWIN File-shares

For security reasons, Windows file-sharing is blocked at the TRIUMF perimeter-firewall.  To enable access from off-site, the TRWIN file-shares are made available via other methods.  Each of these requires you to login using TRWIN credentials.

Connecting to the TRWIN file-shares from off-site

Virtual Private-Network (VPN)

A VPN is an encrypted connection between your off-site computer and TRIUMF.  It makes your connections to TRIUMF appear to originate from on-site without the restrictions of the perimeter firewall. A major use-case is for remote-desktop to Windows PCs.

You MUST be a member of VPN-Users group on TRWIN AD Domain. Please use "TRWIN Domain and PC Support" queu on for assistance.

Uses-cases and limitations of the TRIUMF VPN service

Installing and using the VPN software

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