Graphical (X11) Applications

Graphical applications can be run by tunnelling X11 over an ssh connection.  However, this does not work particularly well on low-bandwidth or high latency connections because X11 creates many round-trips which adds significantly to the rendering delay.  A superior approach is the NX protocol developed by .  It is available on the trcomp nodes via X2Go.  It can be used for a single-application or a full remote-desktop connection.  Connections use the built-in ssh client of the X2Go client.   ssh-key authentication can be used making single-click passwordless connections possible.

Getting started with X2Go

Download and install the X2Go client for your platform

Configuring X2Go for connecting to a trcomp node

Create a session for the trcomp node that you want to use.

In the Media tab of session preferences, disable sound-support.

Remote-Desktop style connections

Session Type: XFCE

Over low bandwidth connections, XFCE is the preferred desktop-manager because it is simple and lightweight.  Neither GNOME nor KDE are installed on the trcomp nodes.


Session Type: single-application

You can use this to open a single terminal from which you can launch other windows.  Choose application "Terminal".