TRCOMP File Storage

There are several directories that are shared to all nodes of the cluster.

Each user has a private home directory for their files. Default quota:   64 GB
For storing files that are shared between members of a group.  All members of the group have write-permission to the group folder but it can be adjusted for individual sub-directories.  There is a group quota that is set according to the needs of the group.
Large-capcity volumes assigned to a group.  These are for experiment data that is stored elsewhere or simulation output that can be regenerated.

Appropriate content of /home and /group folders

These are for all normal work-product such as documents, source code, analysis results etc.   If in doubt, please ask.

  • Do not use them to store very-large files, such as experiment data, simulation output, movies, etc.  Request and use a /data volume for those.
  • Do not use any of the trcomp storage as backup for other machines.  TRIUMF has backup services for that purpose.


All folders have frequent storage-system snapshots for protection against accidental deletions and overwrites.  The /home and /group directories are replicated to an external system for protection against disastrous loss of the primary storage system