TRCOMP Linux-cluster

The TRCOMP Linux-cluster consists of general-purpose Linux computers with login credentials and some file-storage shared between all members of the cluster.    Most of the TRCOMP hosts belong to a specific TRIUMF group and logins to them are restricted to members of that group.

trcomp00 CentOS 7 TRIUMF Computing cluster master
trcomp01 CentOS 6 unrestricted general
astro01 CentOS 6 Astrophysics general
astro02 CentOS 7 Astrophysics general
attvm1 CentOS 7 IRIS general
fluka0{1,2,3,4,5} CentOS 7 EHS, PIF-NIF, LifeSci Fluka
trekvm1 CentOS 7 TREK general
briken01 CentOS 7 B-Riken general
trinatvm CentOS 7 TRINAT general
grsimail Scientific-Linux 6 GRSI email relay
jupyter CentOS 7 unrestricted jupyter



TRCOMP file-storage

Running jobs on TRCOMP

Running graphical (X11) applications on TRCOMP

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