Resetting your password

  • Open the TRIDENT Password Manager
  • Enter your username
  • Click on "Forgot My Password" then type what you see in the CAPTCHA.
  • Provide the answers you had previously created when you completed your Q&A profile.
  • Enter a new password which complies with the rules

What if you don't know your password or the answers for the Q&A?

  • Contact the IST Windows-team via the guest login of TRUMF helpdesk .  Submit a ticket to the TRWIN-Domain queue and include contact info; phone number and non-triumf email address.

You will be issued a passcode, which is valid for 60 minutes.

  • Open the TRIDENT Password-Manager, then choose I Have a Passcode
  • Enter the passcode, then proceed to reset your password and update your Q&A profile.

Unlocking your account

  • If your account is locked due to too many failed logon attempts, you will see an Unlock My Account option in Password Manager.
  • Use your Answers from the Q&A profile to unlock it.