Managing your TRIUMF telephone from off-site


TRIUMF is transitioning from a legacy Nortel Networks analog/digital telephony system to a Mitel VoIP system.  As of March 2020, more than 800 phones, 85% of TRIUMF phones have been replaced. Emergency phones using traditional landlines remain in place in a number of locations around the site.

If you sometimes work from home there are a few things you can do with your phone to make working remotely easier.

Forwarding voicemail
All voice-mail left on your TRIUMF phone extension are automatically forwarded to your registered TRIUMF e-mail account as an audio file. If you are not receiving these notification submit a Helpdesk Ticket to "Telephone Service Request" . In the ticket provide your name and the email address you would like your voicemail forwarded.


Retrieving voicemail messages from your TRIUMF voice mailbox
  1. If your TRIUMF extension is a 7xxx, dial your mailbox directly by calling your TRIUMF 10-digit number  604-222-7xxx
  2. If your TRIUMF extension is a 6xxx, dial your mailbox by first calling 604-283-9084  when the call is received follow the instructions and eneter your 4-digit 6xxx extension.
    Note: only TRIUMF extensions ending in 7xxx can be called directly on your Cell phone or outside of TRIUMF. All 6xxx extensions should use the 604-283-9084 number.
  3. When your mailbox answers, press * (star key)
  4. Enter your voicemail pin when prompted.

    If you do not know your voicemail pin number it can be reset by submitting a Helpdesk Ticket to "Telephone Service Request"


Forwarding incoming calls to your TRIUMF telephone to home/cell number
Calls to most TRIUMF phone numbers can be directed to your cell or home phone by either
  1. Forwarding - all incoming call to your TRIUMF extension are forwarded to your cell/home phone number. Your TRIUMF phone will no longer ring or receive incoming calls.
  2. Twinning - all incoming calls to your TRIUMF phone extension are directed to both your TRIUMF local phone and your cell/come phone.  Both phones will ring and can be used to receive an incoming call.

Due to the license restrictions and the high demand, as a result of COVID-19, Twinning is only available to some key TRIUMF staff. To arrange forwarding submit a Helpdesk Ticket to "Telephone Service Request". In the ticket provide your name, your TRIUMF local number and the offsite number you would like the call to forward.


Making calls from an external number Home or Cell appear to come from a TRIUMF local
If you have the MiCollab client application installed and running on your mobile device or home PC;
    1. It will prompt you when you have an incoming call to your TRIUMF local.
    2. It is possible to answer these incoming calls to your TRIUMF local on your cell phone or home number if it has been arranged beforehand.
    3. You can place calls from your mobile phone and have them appear to come from your TRIUMF local telephone extension

 You can request the MiCollab client application by submiiting a Helpdesk ticket to "Telephone Service Request".