How to access the SolidWorks PDM Vault through the VPN


  1. Have your Supervisor submit a Helpdesk ticket to "General PC, Windows, and TRWIN Domain Support" requesting you be added to the VPN Solidworks group.
  2. Once it has been confirmed you have been added to the VPN SolidWorks group, install and launch the TRIUMF VPN client
  3. Once the VPN has been established you can access the PDM Vault from off-site
  4. Additional information on SolidWorks installtion and setup


Note: Your PC should be equiped with adequate resources; CPU, Memory, Graphics Card in order to effectively render the PDM Vault drawing. Using Remote Desktop to you Desktop Graphics station at TRIUMF will likey not be successful. This is a limitation/weakness of the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), not the VPN or network connection.

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