Core Computing & Networking

The Core Computing and Networking (CCN) group is one of three groups in the TRIUMF Computing Department of the Engineering Division.  It provides infrastructure and services for some of the general-computing needs that are not met by one of the more specialised groups.


Network Connections

CCN manages the external network-connections that link TRIUMF to WestGrid, other research networks and the commodity internet.  Within TRIUMF, CCN provides cable and wireless connectivity to all areas of the site.

Core Services

The CCN group manages the core computing-services such as e-mail, printing, file-storage, web-site hosting etc., that are used by almost all TRIUMF staff and visitors.

Desktop and Mobile Computing

CCN manages the infrastructure that provides a secure and productive environment for desktop and mobile computing at TRIUMF.  It sets hardware standards, configures new systems and provides help when things aren't working.

Requesting Help

Requests for help from TRIUMF CCN should be made through the online helpdesk. Using this system ensures that your request will be received by someone who is able to respond.