Using TRIUMF VPN from Linux

VPN Client-software:  OpenConnect

It is available in the package repositories of most common Linux distributions.

Installing OpenConnect - Use your system packager manager

Check your connection -  Do this before and after connecting

Start with the command-line interface, because it is easier to troubleshoot.

Command-Line Usage

sudo openconnect --protocol=nc --no-dtls \
--servercert pin-sha256:nOpy7O83EH4OoQxpinB/wvTqCp/Xl0LEmgm3PXAb36Q=

Authenticate with TRIDENT credentials.

Terminate the connection with: Ctrl-c

 For the curious: Why opening a VPN connection requires root privileges

Other Command-Line Options

Provide your username with:   --user username
See verbose output and timestamps with:   --verbose   --timestamp

Warning:  With verbose output, your password will be visible in plain-text so be careful if someone is looking over your shoulder, or when sending your output to someone else for help with troubleshooting.

Instead of passing the fingerprint of the server-certificate (option --servercert), you can provide the path to a file containing the root-certificate of the certificate-authority (CA) that signed it. See below for downloading this file, then use:  --cafile path-to-/triumf-vpn-cacert.pem

Download: CA-certificate file  ( expires 2027-11-06 )

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