Site Network Maintenance Scheduled Sunday March 4th


Subject: Scheduled Network Maintenance on Sunday March 4

    Both TRIUMF's core  Routers will under go maintenance upgrades

    Sunday March 4th
   The interruption is expected to last <30 minutes between 09:30 - 10:30 assuming there are no complications.
    While the actual interruption to services will be brief (<30 minutes), this is a significant maintenance on equipment central to ALL network operations at TRIUMF. There may be residual issues post maintenance which will be addressed during the day.

Effects during the maintenance window

  • All connectivity between TRIUMF and the rest of the world will be unavailable (including ATLAS-LHC)
  • All connectivity within TRIUMF will be unavailable
  • Controls networks for ISAC, Elinac & Cycepics will remain operation within  their own network segment but there will be no communicatioin between controls networks.
  • The ATLAS Tier1 data center will remain operational, but there will be no network connectivity with TRIUMF or externally to LHCONE, LHCOPN or the research network.
  • All Connectivity  to TRIUMF House and between TRIUMF House and the Internet


Additionally the  following  services will effected

  • All new SIP Phones
  • O365 authentication and mail delivery



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