SIP Phone outage for external calling Sunday Feb 18 - Tuesday Feb 20


Following the Firewall upgrade on Sunday morning Feb 18th SIP phone calls from offsite to TRIUMF stopped wokring around 10:30am  on Sunday. The service was restored at 11:20 Monday February 19.


The following was affected

  • External calls to and from the new SIP phones
  • Calls from the SIP phones to TRIUMF 6xxx locals.


The Mitel MiiVoice server was rebooted Monday ~ 11:20 and service was restored.


Update: Tuesday Feb 22nd

We are continuing to experience call failures to the SIP Phones from external numbers and TRIUMF 6xxx locals. The issue is not related to the Firewall upgrade on the weekend Sunday Feb 18th but appears to be reataed to packet loss between TRIUMF and Goldline (SIP provider). We are working with Goldline to identify the source of the packet loss which has been identified  somewhere within the Rogers Network.


Update: Monday March 6th

We continue to see drops on the SIP trunks. These has been isolated to whenenver a commit action on the firewall is performed. A commit is done whenever a configuration change is saved. For now we have disabled all automatic commits and are limiting any configuration changes during the working hours. We are working with Juniper Engineers and our Network Support  Charter Telecom to understand the issue the reason commits have an impact on the SIP Trunks

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