Network Access


  • Only registered devices may be connected to the TRIUMF cabled network.
  • Under no circumstances should network equipment be disconnected from the network unless permission is obtained from those responsible for the equipment. Many devices at TRIUMF may appear unattended but are accessed remotely.
  • Some network wall-outlets (Ethernet ports) are for special purposes, such as wireless access points, cameras, and so on. PCs and laptops should not be connected to these Ethernet ports.


Registering a device on the TRIUMF network


There are four wireless networks available at TRIUMF.

  •  eduroam Education Roaming (eduroam) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service for the international research and education community.
  • TRIUMF IoT is intended for stationary wireless devices such as wireless cameras and digital displays. Devices connecting to TRIUMF IoT are placed behind the perimeter firewall.
  • TRIUMF Visitor is intended for short-term visitors to TRIUMF. It requires no authentication and has the same access to internal resources as connections from off-site. After connecting, a web page will open automatically welcoming you to TRIUMF. You will be asked to click on the Accept button to acknowldge the Policy on appropriate use of Internet at TRIUMF.
  • TRIUMF Secure is for use by all TRIUMF employees, and others that require a network connection with internal access to TRIUMF resources. You will need a TRIUMF TRIDENT username and password to authenticate. This connection uses WiFi Protected Access II (WPA-2) Enterprise and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for an encrypted and secure wireless connection.

Network Connection Basic Troubleshooting Tips

If you experience no connection, frequent disconnects or slow network service, try the following suggestions to see if connectivity improves.

    1. Ensure you have registered the device on the TRIUMF network and are using a valid TRIUMF ID.
    2. Ensure all Operating System updates are installed.
    3. Ensure the latest wired/wireless drivers are installed (MacOS includes drivers as part of the Operating System updates). Drivers make a significant difference to the performance of your network connection. Please find the newest available driver for your wired/wireless device from the vendor's website.

If after following the above suggestions connectivity has not improved, please submit a helpdesk ticket and provide the following helpful information which helps to identify the issue:

    1. Your network card MAC address (wired or wireless the one you are using to connect Internet)
    2. Your computer hostname/IP address
    3. Your device type and Operating System version, for example, PC laptop running Windows 7, etc
    4. Building and room number where you are experiencing the connectivity issue
    5. The date and time(s) you are experiencing the connectivity issue
    6. What is the nature of the connectivity issue
      • Are you using wired or wireless? If it’s wireless, which one (TRIUMF Secure, TRIUMF Visitor, Eduroam)?
      • Are you able to connect to the Internet and browse
      • Is the connection slow or fail intermittently or totally?
      • Did you note others in the area experiencing the connectivity issue?
      • Please go to, test outside TRIUMF network and attach the result in the ticket
        -- test with a local server (like The University of British Columbia)
        -- test to another server (like BCNET or other) compare results